Platinum Jewelry


Platinum jewelry is very sturdy and resilient, making it ideal for everyday wear. Platinum jewelry, like other types of metal jewelry, can become scratched, but a scratch won’t damage platinum in the same way that it damages other precious metals. Platinum jewelry will maintain its color, brilliance and weight even when scratched, while other metals may lose their luster or become blemished or discolored.

Because this metal is so versatile and so rare, platinum jewelry makes a very special gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. Many people own gold jewelry, while far fewer boast jewelry made of platinum. If you want to choose something truly unique and exceptional for that special someone in your life, consider platinum jewelry.

Platinum jewelry has taken a little change over the past few years, especially since the price has risen along with Gold.

In order for the industry to keep prices competitive, they have started to classify Platinum Alloys with the 800pt or 850pt marks etc – which is quite acceptable as they are NOT using the word ‘PLATINUM’ (which indicates the pure metal).

While that term (800pt) may be a little misleading, especially if it were not brought to the purchasers attention, it is never-the-less quite acceptable.

You also have to remember that not all jewelry is made in the States and many items made in Europe or overseas may not have such stringent rules and regulations.


White Gold is harder because of the way it is mixed with other metals. Traditionally, Platinum is best used for setting diamonds because it doesn’t throw any color back into the stone. Diamonds are graded by their lack of color so the less reflection from the ring – the better. Platinum is elegant and timeless but it still is a personal decision in the end.



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